We Will Ensure Your Rent is Paid

Our Model

We have built a platform that allows Landlords and Tenants to interact and find a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial for both parties, the model eliminates unnecessary fees which has become a burden on potential tenant.

It ensures rents are paid and tenants have capacity to pay without any headache on due dates. we are proud of our residential property rental and management services because they help owners and tenants better coexist. the emphasis placed on tenant screening to ensure only the most suitable candidates for your investment property is allowed to walk through the door.

This model eliminate headache for both Landlords and Tenants, such that both parties must have subscribed to the ecosystem scheme that guarantees the Landlord his rent as at when due and the tenant can pay his rent even up to 12months should he/she is out of job and for a business man that have low Cash flow not sufficient to meet due rental.

Uncertainty of life

We understand that the unfortunate events can happen, which may impact on your capacity to meet your due rental, even when everything possible has been done to mitigate the risks. People’s physical and mental wellness is never guaranteed, and the same principle applies to relationship, economic conditions, and employment.

We also understand that for some Landlord, the non-payment of rent may have a significant financial impact on their ability to meet financial commitments. To Landlords, sleeping well at night, means having the peace of mind in knowing that your rent will always be received on time even if the tenant doesn’t pay. We can step in and ensure you are financially and operationally safeguarded in this way.


Additionally, we handle eviction-associated expenses to make it easier to keep track of finances and balance the books.



  • It allows Landlord to earn rental on monthly basis
  • It ensures rentals to Landlords without headache, They just go to sleep
  • The Tenants is not thrown out of the house just because job loss which affect his inability to pay as when due.
  • Landlord and tenant legal cases is eliminated
  • Agency fee, and legal fee will be eliminated.
  • Property are better maintained and the life cycle of property is assured.
  • Background checks on both Landlord and Tenant are conducted.


Our Uniqueness

  • Maximize your returns
  • Minimize your risk
  • Lower your vacancy rate
  • Place qualified tenants
  • Maintain the integrity and value of your property


Our services

Processing of applications and screening of prospective tenants through credit reports, rental history, references and employment verification
lease preparation, rent collection, handling monthly disbursements and rent increases maintaining positive and courteous tenant/landlord relationships

enforce rental and lease agreements, including the initiation and processing of unlawful detainer actions if required ensuring local, state and federal regulations are implemented advertising your property at discounted rates through our company website, advertising websites, social media and signage emailing monthly financial reports to you, with direct deposit on the 8th day of the month
conducting property analysis and interior inspection after three months of unit being rented, twice per year thereafter, along with conducting frequent exterior inspections of properties within city/town limits managing and controlling access to established suppliers and contractors providing a full-time maintenance staff to handle all preventative and immediate maintenance needs a Property Manager on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergencies


Property maintenance

  • Carry out preventive Maintenance after careful inspection of property.
  • Act as an adviser on property improvements, with owners consent and execute repairs work accordingly
  • Repair costs are deducted from your account and we will contact you to acquire authorization for repairs that are above a pre-agreed naira amount.
  • There is no limit on what we can handle when it comes to property upkeep and maintenance; we will organize and supervise any project while saving you money in the process


For accounting purposes, we

Provide a comprehensive monthly statement of your property’s income and expense activities that will include any supportive documentation such as invoices, receipts and notices
At your request, we will manage your mortgage payment (if any), land use charge, utilities, insurance or repairs via deductions from your account
Send net positive funds to your bank account, on the 15th day of the month and in the same month that rent is collected, regardless of whether that day falls on a weekend.


Client Relationships

Our focus is to work with you, not against you; as we take pride in our client comfort. This same level of attentiveness and courtesy is extended directly to your tenants and potential renters to ensure the best experience possible for everyone involved. With direct communication between your property manager, tenants, and yourself as an owner, we deliver the most convenient, hassle-free property management services.



First-time investment can be a worrying process if you don’t know what you’re doing and/or have little experience, which is why turning to a property management company with requisite experience and considerate, professional approach can make all the difference in the world.
We’ll help to manage your concerns as efficiently as we manage a property; with consideration, respect to your needs, and with a focus aimed at maximizing your potential income as an investor.
We encourage you to Contact us if you happen to be interested in investing in property for rental today. Our team would be happy to work with you.

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